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Behind the Walls

Have confidence in the details you can’t see at closing when you build with NorthCraft Neighborhoods!  We understand what it takes to build a durable, healthy mountain home and incorporate industry best practices into each home we build.  And verify details at each step of construction so you can rest easy in your new home.

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The Structure (The Bones)

Open Hole Observation - Geotechnical Engineer verifies soils are adequate to support foundation, house and snow load Engineered foundation, framing and trusses – Structural engineer designs foundation, framing and roof system specifically for Leadville soils and snow load Open web floor trusses throughout – strong, solid floors with no unsightly soffits anywhere in the home In-house framing – NorthCraft Neighborhoods employees frame our homes for an extra focus on quality and reduced risk for lost-in-translation details for to create solid bones for our homes

Comfort and Energy Efficiency

R13 spray foam under basement slab/on crawlspace floor – Makes basement and first floors more comfortable for your feet and reduces energy use and cost R23 exterior walls and R49 attics – High insulation values reduce energy use and cost R4 rigid exterior insulation – An extra layer of insulation over the outside of the walls exterior to keep walls studs from radiating heat, reducing energy use and costs. Also reduces the chance for condensation in the wall cavity AeroBarrier air sealing system – proprietary, blown-in air sealing system that seals gaps in the home to keep warm air in the living space, reducing energy use and the potential for condensation in the walls Jeld-Wen vinyl windows with SunStable and HeatSave Low-E coatings – Substantial improvement in insulation value and comfort reducing energy use and costs Mitsubishi Hyper-Heat cold weather heat pump – Provides comfortable, reliable all-electric heat (and cooling!) at similar operating costs to a traditional forced air, natural gas furnace Load calculations for each space so HVAC equipment is properly sized - Increases comfort and efficiency when the correct equipment is specified and installed Energy Recovery Ventilator – Brings in fresh, outdoor air to help keep indoor air quality at healthy levels without sacrificing energy efficiency AOSmith Voltex Hybrid water heater on main floor – electric heat pump water heater that delivers hot water at the tap more quickly with similar operating costs as a traditional natural gas water heater Delta WaterSense Fixtures – Quality, water efficient faucets, shower heads and toilets that reduce water consumption while still providing an excellent user experience Zero Down Solar Photovoltaic System – Fixed monthly payment for clean energy without increasing the purchase price of the home Shaft Liner (included with paired home) – Significant sound and fire separation between homes for quiet, comfort and peace of mind

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Durable, Healthy Homes

Perimeter drain with sump pit – reduces the risk of water intrusion from ground water or water trapped between foundation and frozen soil Exterior sewer clean out – Easy access to both directions of the sewer lateral from the exterior in case of a clog so it’s easy to snake Ice and water membrane covering entire roof – A self-healing, watertight, asphalt underlayment that bonds to the roof deck and reduce the risk of ice dams and leaks Fully flashed windows and doors with Tyvek HomeWrap as weather resistive barrier – Helps keep moisture that gets behind the siding from getting into your home In-house siding – NorthCraft Neighborhoods employees frame our homes for an extra focus on quality and reduces the risk for lost-in-translation details so moisture is better managed Passive radon system with interior piping and third party radon testing prior to close and active system installed if necessary – reduces health risks of long term radon exposure

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