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 Purchasing a
Home with NorthCraft Neighborhoods

Ready to build your mountain dream with NorthCraft Neighborhoods? Buying a home with us is simple! 


First Steps

Contact us to discuss what your new home can look like!  We're happy to talk with you and see if this is a good fit for you!


Don’t worry about buying a lot, engaging an architect & engineer or securing a construction loan—we’ve already done those things and more. 


Buying a new home with us is arguably more simple than buying a used home.  No quibbling on counteroffers and speculating if they’ll be accepted, no home inspection or post-closing surprises, no back and forth over repairs and no negotiating with a seller who’s emotionally attached to their home.


Purchase Agreement

To get started on your home, we’ll help you choose from one of our homesites, make your initial selections, provide a fixed purchase price.


When these initial decisions are finalized, we'll send a purchase and sale agreement through DocuSign.  At this time, we will also need your initial investment to secure your new home in your name.  Within two weeks, we’ll need an additional initial investment so we can start moving forward on the process to build your new home.




If you don’t already have a preapproval letter for an amount greater than or equal to the purchase price, you’ll need to apply within a week and have the letter completed within a month.  You’re welcome to use your own lender, but we know several who can help with this process if you’d like!


Groundbreaking Coming Soon!

After the first three pieces are complete, relax and enjoy the process!

We love snow, so we build year-round and will start your home in six months (typically less!) after signing the purchase and sale agreement.  Explore the next steps on our building timeline.

Contact us so we can start building your mountain dream!

For more information about purchasing a NorthCraft Neighbohoods home, get in touch today!

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